Title: Kansa Halwa Plate | Kansa Plate | Festive Gifting Item | Set of 2
Title: Kansa Halwa Plate | Kansa Plate | Festive Gifting Item | Set of 2
Title: Kansa Halwa Plate | Kansa Plate | Festive Gifting Item | Set of 2

Title: Kansa Halwa Plate | Kansa Plate | Festive Gifting Item | Set of 2

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A Kansa Halwa Plate is a serving dish made from the Kansa alloy, a mix of copper and tin. It's warm, golden hue and Ayurvedic properties make it popular in traditional Indian cookware. Typically used to serve halwa, a sweet dish, it adds a cultural and aesthetic touch to the dining experience.

Bronze is believed to bring good luck and purity, with the notion that its touch enhances the purity of a meal. Dining with bronze utensils is thought to promote intelligence and appetizing qualities.

Described as astringent, bitter, warm, and pure, bronze is considered an effective impurity remover and disease purifier. 


  • Brand: Tamas
  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Matte Gold
  • Is assembly required: No
  • Number of Items: 1 (plate) 
  • Dimension: Diameter- 4.5 inches (11cms)
  • weight: 0.16 Kg (160 gms)

Benefits of eating in Kansa Halwa Plate:

Using a Kansa Halwa Plate, crafted from kansa or bronze, is thought to bring about health benefits and enhanced dining experiences. The metal's antimicrobial properties may contribute to overall well-being, while its temperature-regulating abilities keep food at an optimal temperature. 

Additionally, the plate's association with Ayurveda suggests a potential for balancing the body's doshas. The practice is deeply rooted in cultural and spiritual traditions, emphasizing the connection between the material used and the purity of the dining experience.

Care guidelines:

  • Rinse it with mild soap.
  • Wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

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