Tamas Brass Sofa Ganesha Statue (19 Inches)
Tamas Brass Sofa Ganesha Statue (19 Inches)
Tamas Brass Sofa Ganesha Statue (19 Inches)
Tamas Brass Sofa Ganesha Statue (19 Inches)

Tamas Brass Sofa Ganesha Statue (19 Inches)

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Height - 19 Inch

Width - 16 Inch

Weight - 16.75 kg

Product Barcode :-4422005078567
The Sofa Ganesha Brass Statue combines the charm of a sofa with the divine presence of Lord Ganesha, the revered deity of beginnings and the remover of obstacles.

Lord Ganesha is celebrated as the deity of good fortune, intellect, and success. His blessings are often sought at the inception of new ventures and endeavors.

This beautifully crafted brass statue not only adds elegance to your space but also signifies the harmony between material comfort and spiritual blessings.

Introducing the Sofa Ganesha Brass Statue into your home or sacred area invites the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Allow his divine presence to bless your space with auspicious beginnings, wisdom, and success. Explore the unique significance of this divine statue today.


  • Do not clean with harsh chemicals.
  • Use dry/wet cotton cloth to remove dirt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kiara Patel
Discounted Blessings in Brass

This Sofa Ganesha statue brought cost-effective blessings into my home, both in terms of its spiritual significance and its affordability.

Ishaan Singhania
Affordable Ganesha Statue

It's an economical way to introduce the presence of Ganesha into my space, thanks to the discount I received.

Aryan Kapoor
Artistic Elegance on a Budget

The artistic elegance displayed in this Tamas Brass Sofa Ganesha statue is truly captivating, and the discounted price makes it an even better value.

Kabir Sharma
Crafted Quality with Savings

I'm delighted with both the quality craftsmanship and the cost savings I received on this Ganesha statue.

Riya Malhotra
Reduced Price for Sofa Ganesha's Grace

The reduced price of this Tamas Brass Sofa Ganesha statue adds to the divine grace it brings to my home.