5 Health Benefits of Drinking Water by Using Clay Water Pot

Health Benefit of Using a Clay Water Pot?

Clay water dispensers are popular in many regions of India and South Asia. This is due to the numerous health benefits associated with storing water in and drinking from clay vessels- like terracotta water bottles, terracotta water dispensers, and clay water dispensers with taps. Here's why:

1. Cooling:
Water evaporates through the tiny pores on the terracotta water dispenser’s surface. This keeps the water contained inside cool, which is especially gratifying in summer. Additionally, the water is kept at an ideal temperature so that it is not too harsh on the throat, unlike refrigerated water that can cause soreness.

2. Alkaline:
The alkaline nature of clay water dispensers interacts with acidic foods and balances out the ph. This helps in preventing gastric issues and keeps acidity at bay. That is why terracotta water bottles are largely recommended.

3. Digestion
Drinking water from terracotta water dispensers can improve your digestion. The clay water dispensers also have metabolism-boosting properties as they contain useful minerals and nutrients that mix with the water.

4. Purification
When you store water in clay water dispensers, they act as natural purifiers. This is because their texture and porous nature block contaminants and make the water safer for drinking.

These highly beneficial properties of terracotta and clay pots make them a preferred choice for water dispensers in many households. Tamas has a special range of terracotta and clay water dispensers, some even with taps. Add a clay and terracotta water dispenser to your home today!