Secrets of Holistic Living Experience-TAMAS

Few years ago, I went to a place to meditate. I found a spot to sit on the floor, and someone with a calm voice welcomed everyone. They asked us to sit comfortably, close our eyes, and focus on our breathing. I didn't really know what meditation was about, and it was hard for me to pay attention. My thoughts kept jumping around to many different things.


After a little while, my mind started to calm down, and my breathing got slower. But just when it was getting good, the session ended. I thought it would be easy to relax once I closed my eyes, but I was wrong. When I opened my eyes and looked around, my mind went back to its busy self, and I was a bit sad that the meditation time was so short.


Years later, I learned about the Natural Way of Living with my brand Tamas. The brand is built to offer a natural healing experience as it works on the principles of Ayurveda, which is very rare in the market at present. As we started attending customers in our store, it felt like there was a stronger connection to something that our products were offering from- Brass Idols to Lamps, Dhoops and Burners, each piece holds a significant place in enriching our lives with spiritual healing.

When we think of brass artifacts and idols  we feel a peaceful aura which is so powerful that just thinking about it gives us happiness.


Having brass idols in our home can bring peace and calm to our lives in various ways. Some benefits include:

1.Increased positive vibrations

2.Removes vastu dosh

3.Bring prosperity

4.Elevate your spiritual experience

Brass artifacts and idols are a great way to bring positive energy into your home. It is said that these are filled with an endless supply of positive energy, making your life prosperopus, healthy and joyous!