Brass Handicrafts: All You Need to Know

Made popular in regions like Moradabad and Pembarthi, brass has always been a prominent part of Indian craftsmanship. What draws artisans to this metal is its hardness and workability, along with its relatively soft nature that allows it to be moulded into refined shapes, worthy of handicrafts. It is also highly resistant to corrosion and its durability in all kinds of weather and environmental conditions makes it an attractive metal for craftsmen.

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass can be shaped into beautiful and detailed forms. It is also used in other industries like textiles and manufacturing. It has been an essential metal in creating decorative and functional items for thousands of years.

The earliest recognized brass dates back to the Neolithic times. In ancient Rome, brass was mainly used to craft vessels, armour, jewellery, clasps and brooches. Over time, brass also became the major material used to create fine instruments for navigation, astronomy and other scientific pursuits. In India, Uttar Pradesh saw the rise of brass crafts when Persian designs and tools were brought to the region. The Mughals and the British patronised the craft which then flourished greatly.

In present day India, brass idols and artefacts are coveted for their lustre and pleasant aura. One can witness brass handicrafts on display in temples across the country, especially in Andhra Pradesh. In many regions, artisans use an ancient technique called Dokra to cast the metal. From Northern India, hand-made brass stoves and items decked with almond, leaf and vine are globally desired.

The brass handicrafts industry presents lucrative opportunities for businesses and has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs to start up ventures big or small over the years. Research into the metal has also brought about some maintenance practices that include avoiding ammonia based cleaners to not let brass tarnish. It is generally recommended that brass items ought to be cleaned with warm water and soap. There are also specific brass cleaners available for its upkeep, along with lacquer paint that can be sprayed on top.

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